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    Rules of the game :)

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    Rules of the game :)

    Post  Offensive Bias on Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:42 pm

    1. All players choose four provinces
    2. Greek players only get one province.
    3. Greek players get unique units
    4. Romans get good technologies
    5. All actions are to be PM’d to the moderator
    6. When you pick your provinces, you state the number of the province, and where it is. Example: 4, Greece.
    7. Starting armies, population happiness, starting technologies are all decided by the moderator
    8. When you signup, you state what number provinces you want, what culture you want and what name you want your faction to be called.
    9. The culture you choose is very important, it determines what technologies you are allowed to research, and what units you can build.
    10. After you have been approved by the moderator, you make your state thread. Your state thread must contain the following information:

    Nation Name: Give your nation the name you chose in the signup thread

    Category: In category, you list your culture.

    National Flag: Post a link to, or post the image of your nation’s flag.

    Leader: Name your countries leader.

    Government: Name your Government type. This is important. If you have a Roman culture, you must put “Republic” as your Government type.

    Stats: Here you put your stats for the nation. The stats play a part in advantages in battles and NPC diplomacy. Every faction gets 6 points to spend. Greek factions get 8 points to spend. The three stat types are: Culture, Military and Economy.

    Population Happiness: This is determined by a moderator, please leave blank

    History: Here, you can fill out historical or fictional history of your faction. Make it as detailed as you want.

    Provinces: Here, you give your regions/region name/names.

    Population: Determined by a moderator, please leave blank.

    Nation Bonus: Here, you list 2 Nation Bonuses that help your nation. If you can’t think of any, leave blank and the moderator will fill them out.

    Champion: Here, you name your Champion! Your Champion, if you send him into battle with his men, will give very decent bonuses to them. List his name, his age, and a short description of your champion. Also list two combat bonuses for him.

    Morale: Leave blank, determined by a moderator.

    Army: Leave blank, determined by a moderator.

    Generals: You are allowed a max of 3 Generals at the start. But you can have less if you wish. Name them, and give each one a unique bonus, if you want a moderator to pick a bonus, leave the combat bonus blank.

    Unique Unit: A Unique Unit is allowed by any faction apart from Rome. Provide a picture and a description of your Unique Unit.

    If you are having trouble with your nation thread, please refer to my nation thread, and copy what I have done.

    11. A word about scouts: Before any invasion, it would be wise to send scouts. Scouts will bring you back intelligence on the enemy, listing their positions, regiments and their numbers. Sending more than 100 scouts into a province will drastically increase the risk of discovery.
    12. Random events will occur at any time, to any faction. Below are listed the types that occur

    Migration: Migration happens when an NPC nation close to you has been taken by a player nation. Survivors from the NPC nation may flock to your nation and seek asylum.

    Natural disasters: Natural disasters encompass a wide range from earthquakes to sandstorms, we’ve got them all. They can be disastrous for you if they hit you critically enough. Players should be aware of natural disasters in the Eastern-most areas.

    Inflation: Inflation happens when you lose an economy point. There is a 25% chance of inflation happening when you lose an economy point. If inflation happens, thousands of people will leave your nation, soldiers will desert or join other nations, your regions will begin to starve and rebellions and riots may begin to occur. To beat inflation, one must seek trade agreements with other nations, or ask for money loans from other nations.

    Starvation: In the event of starvation, players should export emergency grain, or activate reserve food holdings. If either of these fails, the player can either wait it out and take the punishment, or ask for help from another nation.

    Holidays: A national holiday for your nation will occur at a random date, and will increase happiness and one other feature depending on the nature of the holiday.

    Mercenaries: Mercenary bands will occasionally appear in your lands and offer their services to you for a small price.

    Merchant fleet: Merchant fleets will appear randomly, from the Far East. They offer very unique services, but at a high price. Buying from them in bulk will severely cripple your economy. It is best to purchase just one thing from them when they come by. They sell advanced tech, advanced siege weapons and even exotic mercenaries, including Japanese Samurai, Indian Elephants, Mongol Cavalry, Fire boats and in some very rare cases, an early cannon!

    Plague: Plague strikes if you do not have enough healthy buildings and you have a large population. To quell plague, build public health buildings, such as sewers, aqueducts, etc…

    Riots: Riots start out small, but can turn into full scale rebellions in some parts. If your nation’s borders clash with other nations borders, the other player nation will have the opportunity to assist the rebels. This is why it is important you quell riots and unhappiness. This can be done by organising a military parade, religious festival, building arenas, gymnasiums, theatres etc…

    Assassination: Assassinations can happen. They can only be orchestrated by another player faction, and they can target generals and even your King! Assassins have a very small percentage of success the more important their target is. But in the event they do get a kill, it can have disastrous consequences. Hiring an assassin takes a long time, even longer for a good one.

    Civil War: Civil War happens when soldiers from your army are unsatisfied and decide to mutiny. When a regiment mutinies, it will convert a number of towns and cities to its cause, and if left unchecked for long enough, will cause a civil war. You should always be on the lookout for unhappy soldiers. To check the happiness levels of your regiments, PM a moderator with the name of the regiment and ask the Moderator to display the happiness. You can do the same with provinces to see the happiness of the people.

    High crime rates: High crime in a province slows down production for your nation. To prevent crime, you should order the construction of buildings, recruit more troops or even in some cases, deport some of the population.

    Pretenders to the throne: In some, extremely rare cases there will appear an NPC character with a small army in your lands. He will lay a claim to your throne. Player characters can attempt to negotiate with the threat, pay him off, pay his soldiers off, assassinate him, meet him in combat, or support him. If you support, your country goes dead for 1-3 days while the new government establishes itself. Sometimes, if you accept a pretender, you can receive bonuses, including powerful military reforms, stat boosts, free units etc… But there can also be bad effects, choose wisely.

    League formation chances: In some cases, when you become friendly with a neighbouring NPC or player character, a chance comes to form an alliance league with that nation. If the nation is NPC, their lands absorb into yours and you can recruit their native troops, giving a good amount of flexibility to your armies. With a player character, you both form the highest kind of alliance. You share technologies, soldiers, trade, military access and you both assist each other in campaigns and diplomatic missions.

    Spy/Assassin for hire: Occasionally, you will get a notice saying that a spy or an assassin has leant his services to you for a fee. You can choose yes or no to hiring that person.

    Potential General: If you leave an army under control of a Captain, they will not perform as effectively as usual. If a General is available to attach to an army, a moderator will send you a notice telling you. Sometimes, you will run out of Generals to give to armies. When a new General arrives, you are given the opportunity to put him in charge of a randomly selected army.

    Marius: Marius will appear at a random time to the Romans. The Romans have the opportunity to hire Marius. He will take a point off your economy if you hire him however, so be wary. He brings about Legionary reforms, and allows Roman players who hire him to construct a new array of heavy units. If Marius goes unused for 3 weeks after his reveal, he will travel to a randomly selected nation, and offer to give them imitation legionaries. Not as effective as Roman legionaries, but still very good.

    That concludes the random events.

    13. There is a Vassalage system within this game. If a player nation is losing a war to another player nation, they can either offer vassalage, or accept an offer of vassalage given to them by the attackers. Vassalage leaves the player under the complete control of the nation they pledged vassalage to. If you are under vassalage, you are obliged to do whatever the other nation wants you to do. Failure to do so, will result in an outbreak of war. You can declare independence at any point however, and upon doing so, you will receive a huge amount of levied troops to fight your war of independence. After the war is over, those levies disappear and are replaced by professionals.
    14. Researching works in the way that if you want to research anything, be it, sturdier metals, heavier weapons, heavier armour, new units, new weapons, then you PM a moderator, and the moderator will judge if your technology is reasonable. If it is, then you will be given a date for the completion of the technology.
    15. The Roman Senate section of the forums contains the missions and updates for the Roman factions. Roman factions should check it on a regular basis to ensure they know what to do.
    16. Diplomacy is conducted between conversations with two players. The players can choose the course of the diplomatic talks.
    17. It doesn’t take any time for a diplomat to travel anywhere. Just go to a nations diplomatic court thread, and make a “Hello!” post introducing your diplomat, and let the talks commence.
    18. When you want to invade another nation, you PM a moderator your action for doing this. Wait patiently, while the moderator sets up your map and the regiment deployments.
    19. Please refrain from diverging information or forging alliances outside of the correct threads. Keep the discussion on things that aren’t important and you don’t care about, or just chat shit.
    20. Constructing buildings works in the same way you would research technology. You PM me how many units you want training, I give you a date, and when they are done, you add them to your overall units in your nation thread.
    21. When you lose soldiers in a war, don’t be an ass and not subtract their numbers from your total troops. It’s organised so you know exactly how many men you lost out of which regiments, so please be honest.
    22. You keep a list of all your armies and units in your nation thread at all times, no hiding secret armies.
    23. In player vs player combat, the players will send in their actions to me via PM, so they don’t know what the other is doing, I then act it out, and you both PM your second actions and so on, until someone wins.
    24. Trade is a very important aspect, as the more trade routes you have, the lower your chances of inflation or famine are.
    25. When you choose your champion, be sure to give them one special bonus they have over the troops they command. And if you want to send that champion into battle with your regiments, state it clearly in the PM.
    26. Every player nation only gets ONE champion. Once your champion dies, you don’t get another.
    27. In a battle, be as specific as you like, and refer to the battle map when you make a move, so we know exactly what you want to do.
    28. There are supply lines in this game. If an army is too far out from a region its faction own, it will lose moral the further away it gets, as its supplies take longer to arrive. In a battle, where you are defending a home province, you can completely smash the morale of the enemy attackers, by cutting off their supply line. This can have devastating effects depending on how far away they are from a home region.
    29. Artillery plays a part in battles too. Artillery can only fire 3 times in a battle. It’s not accurate and is slow to reload, but it packs a really good punch and has a decent morale effect against it targets.
    30. After a battle, the enemy that surrendered to you are yours to do what you want with. You can execute them, sell them back, release them, let them garrison the province you took from them under your name or integrate them into your army. Integration into your faction is risky however, as it means that the men you have absorbed into your faction are unhappy, and may mutiny if action isn’t taken.
    31. The game is real time, and does not pause or stop.
    32. Every action takes a few days in real time to complete. Including, research, building troops, long distance troop movements, buildings etc…
    33. Annexation of other players lands are possible, you should go for an island under their control, or something small to annex. The player can choose to give the annexed area to the other player, or dispute their annexation claims. This can lead to war, if that nation is irritable.
    34. When you PM me your actions, remember to make sure you include everything you want. For instance, if you are invading a province, be sure to name the regiments and list the amounts of men in them, and if you want your champion or a general to accompany them, then you must make that clear.
    35. You conduct diplomacy in the Diplomacy Section of the forums. You put a thread up with your Diplomatic Court, give it a name and a description, and then if you want to make a talk with another nation, post in their diplomatic threads.
    36. When you PM me your action, such as building troops or researching etc… I will give you a time of completion; it is up to you to edit the thing you are building into your nation thread. And delete it when it is done. This saves hidden armies springing up everywhere. Everyone will be able to see how many troops you have, what regiments you have etc… It is up to you to edit this accurately, and not make up false numbers.
    37. When you want to invade a province, you tell me the number of the province and where it is, example: "Invade Region 7 Britain" Also, you must tell me in the PM, with which regiments you are attacking with. Example: "Invade Region 7 Britain, 1-5th Regiments"

    Please let me know if I have missed anything out Smile

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