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    Titles for Roman characters

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    Titles for Roman characters

    Post  Offensive Bias on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:17 pm

    1. Consul - A position of honour and effectively a leader of the Roman people as close to a king as possible. They are strong militarily and they have a morale boosting effect. They make bad governors.

    2. Pontifex Maximus - The head Priest. This position grants a character a good level of prestige. They are good for happiness and morale. They are also excellent diplomats.

    3. Pontifex - Essentially a Pontifex Maximus but with lesser effects.

    4. Dux - The title of Dux makes someone an official governor. They are good for governor positions, but terrible generals. They are very well suited for governing and increase happiness and can run the regio efficiently.

    5. Censor - Censor's are good for increasing happiness in any region they are stationed in. They are bad at governing and military leadership but are helpful for low happiness areas.

    6. Praetor - Any character with the title of Praetor are good generals. They are best off serving as second in command with a Consul, or commanding certain regiments. Bad governors.

    7. Quaestor - Anyone with this title can greatly increase region productivity. If they are stationed in a region, they can choose to increase the effectiveness of traded items or choose to reduce build times by a day.

    8. Equite Aedile - The Equite Aedile can be stationed in a province to represent the Equite social class of the region. This increases happiness a small amount, and they also can issue special character missions to their nations, and supply the demands of the Equite to increase their happiness a little.

    9. Plebiean Aedile - The Plebiean Aedile can be stationed in a province to represent the Plebs. Ths increases happiness a small amount and they can issue special character missions. They also supply demands of the Plebs to increase happiness.

    (Note on Aedile's, It is useful to have two Aedile in a province to represent both social classes)

    10. Tribune - A character with the title of Tribune are the official diplomats. While they are not necessarily necessary for a diplomat role, they are fairly useless in other places. Only 10 can exist at once. (It is useful to have a Tribune with an army to negotiate surrenders effectively.)

    11. Legate - A Legate is a general. They are good for military positions and are good in place of Consul's. Fairly useless in other positions.

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