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    List of Senate factions

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    List of Senate factions

    Post  Offensive Bias on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:34 pm

    Military: The military faction are devoted to war-like goals and with them in power, Rome will see her greatest expansion rates. Roman characters with military skills are happier with the military faction in control.

    Religious: The Religious faction are a balanced group. They will do whatever the omens and the portents tell them. This could range from anything. Romans should be prepared for anything when they are in charge. They offer no happiness bonuses.

    Mercantile: The Mercantile faction are greatly interested in trade and increasing foreign relations. Mercantile faction Romans will be very peaceful, only going to war when completely necessary. Characters who are skilled in developing trade will be happier.

    Populist: The Populist faction are devoted entirely to the people. They are mostly focused on building and ensuring the Roman lands are kept full to the brim with entertainment opportunities for the lower class. They will also take more interest in matters with the lower classes. Plebiean Aedile's will be happier.

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