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    Offensive Bias

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    Post  Offensive Bias on Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:11 pm

    (Everything listed here is an example! Not a literal thread, and also... Be serious with the naming)

    Nation Name: Dick Fuck Choad Twat

    Nation flag: (>''(^'')^

    Nation culture: Twat fucks

    Nation government: Dickhead fuckers

    Nations Leader: Harry Godjob

    Stat points: Military - 2 Economy, 3 Culure, 1 (Every nation starts with 6 stat points to distribute amongst the three stats above. Once done, it should look like that. The only exception are the Greek nations, who start with 8 stat points to distribute)

    Regions: 05, 09, 07, Siberia

    Characters: (This section is filled out by a Moderator)

    Agents: (Filled out by a Moderator)

    Nation bonuses: (Here, list two bonuses for your nation. You can leave it blank for a Moderator to fill out though)

    Population Happiness: (Filled out by a Moderator)

    Army Morale: (Filled out by a Moderator)

    Overall Loyalty: (Filled out by a Moderator)

    Unique Unit: (Here, I want you to list a faction specific, or high tech unique unit for your nation. Roman factions are NOT allowed a Unique Unit. Provide a description, and if possible a picture.)

    Army: (Filled out by a Moderator, leave blank.

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