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    The Kingdom of Dacia [Completed]


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    The Kingdom of Dacia [Completed]

    Post  Gold Spartan5 on Tue Jun 29, 2010 10:59 pm

    Faction Name:Kingdom of Dacia

    Faction Flag:

    Faction Culture: Barbarian

    Nation Government: Monarchy

    Nation Leader: Dromihete - Military 10, Diplomacy 2, Governorship 6

    Stat Points: Economy:2, Military:2, Culture:2

    Regions: 2 [gold],5 [amber], 10 [silver] Illyrium

    Characters: Adila - Military 10, Diplomacy 5, Governorship, 6, Loyalty 100
    Amalusta - Military 9, Diplomacy 2, Governorship 4, Loyalty 100
    Aprus - Military 3, Diplomacy 6, Governorship 9, Loyalty 100
    Dezibalus - Military 10, Diplomacy 6, Governorship 4, Loyalty 100
    Natoporus - Military 8, Diplomacy 10, Governorship 4, Loyalty 100
    Scoris - Military 10, Diplomacy 3, Governorship 9, Loyalty 100

    Agents: Budathia (Assassin)
    Dakina (Spy)

    Nation Bonuses:
    Do not fear death: The Dacian people do not believe that they really die, but pass on to a new country. Therefore, mere casulties on the battlefield are not enough to cause a Dacian to run for his life. (Routing by casulties alone is signifigantly lowered)
    Murus Dacicus: Translates into "Dacian Wall". The Dacians developed a system of fortification trully unique to any used before or after it's development. It's innovative design made attacks upon Dacian cities very difficult. (Dacian walls are slightly harder and stronger than standard walls, but take twice as long to build effectively.)
    Population Happiness: 70% - Your people are quite satisfied with your rule.

    Army Morale: - 50% - Lack of any recent action has seen your warriors become bored. They see no point in being in the business of war, if there isn't any actual business.

    Overall Loyalty: 100% - The Dacian house holds strong! And the people bow to you with no thought of disobeying your orders.

    Unique Unit: Sarmatian Cataphracts:

    The Sarmatians were a nomadic people who were primarilly around the Black Sea area. While primarilly their own nation, the Sarmatians were known to fight under the Dacian banner time and time again. The most notable of Sarmatian troops were their cataphracts. A typical Sarmatian Cataphract wore heavy scale armor and was armed with a lance, mace, and bow. Making them not only a deadly shock cavalry, but capable of harassing any formation.

    Army: 1st Dacian Guard(Commanded by Dromihete)
    4,000 Heavy Spearmen
    2,000 Heavy Warriors

    2nd Dacian Warriors(Commanded by Adila)
    5,000 Light spearmen
    4,000 Warband swordsmen
    1,000 Light archers

    3rd Dacian Warriors (Commanded by Adila)
    10,000 Medium Spearmen

    4th Dacian Guard(Commanded by Dromihete)
    4,000 Veteran swordsmen
    2,000 Elite Royal Guard

    5th Dacian Cavalry(Commanded by Amalusta)
    400 Thracian Light Cavalry
    500 Dacian Heavy Cavalry
    200 Dalmatian Light Skirmisher Cavalry
    300 Sarmatian Cataphracts

    6th Militia Regiment(Commanded by Amalusta)
    4,000 Light Spearmen
    5,000 Forest Archers

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    Re: The Kingdom of Dacia [Completed]

    Post  Offensive Bias on Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:59 pm

    Everything's good.
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    Re: The Kingdom of Dacia [Completed]

    Post  Offensive Bias on Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:17 pm

    Finished. You know what you're not supposed to do yet.

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    Re: The Kingdom of Dacia [Completed]

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