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    Republic of Tyrg [completed]


    Carlos Spicyweiner

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    Republic of Tyrg [completed]

    Post  Carlos Spicyweiner on Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:43 pm

    Nation Name: Nation of Tyrg

    Nation flag: (Sorry if this flag is bad, I used what I could find)

    Nation culture: Celtic

    Nation government: Republic

    Nations Leader: Philonias Tyrg - Military 4, diplomacy 3, governership 1

    Stat points: Military - 2 Economy - 2 Culture - 2

    Regions: 05 [dye], 06 [honey], 12 [hides] Spain all governed by Vinomonus Tyrg

    Characters: Stratanamus Tyrg - Military 8. diplomacy 10, governership 7, Loyalty 100
    Vinomonus Tyrg - Military 2, diplomacy 1, governership 7, loyalty 100
    Feoderatus Tyrg - Military 9, diplomacy 9, governership 2, loyalty 100
    Briannogus Tyrg - Military 5, diplomacy 8, governership 4, loyalty 100
    Driamonus Tyrg - Military 5, diplomacy 1, governership 2, loyalty 100
    Reamonus Tyrg - Military 9, diplomacy 2, governership 5, loyalty 100

    Agents: Jeromonus (Asssassin)
    Camulenus (Spy)

    Nation bonuses: Ibernian Natives - Being natives of Iberia means that you know the land like no other nation. You have spent generations hunting, living and expanding here. Effect - You recieve defensive and offensive bonuses when in Spain.

    Rich resources - The Iberian peninsula is filled with silver and gold mines. Your people have learned to exploit this. Effect - It is harder for your nation to fall into economic decline.

    Population Happiness: 70% - Life is simple, but as the influences of civilisation ebb in from Italy and Carthage, your people begin to long for their way of life and actively support them. But as your power proves supreme, this discontent should take care of itself.

    Army Morale: 80% - Your men are well trained and well armed. Weilding top quality swords and shields, they feel ready for anything.

    Overall Loyalty: 100% - Your family are eager to show their support. As right this moment, they adore you.

    Unique Unit: Celtic Priest. A priest who accompanies soldiers before battle in a prayer that boosts soldier confidence.

    Army: 1st Tyrg Royal Guard commanded by Stratanamus Tyrg
    3,000 Heavy Scutarii
    2,000 Heavy Scutarii Swordsmen
    200 Medium Iberian Cavalry

    2nd Iberian Regiment commanded by Stratanamus Tyrg
    4,000 Medium Scutarii
    4,000 Light Swordsmen
    2,000 Light Slingers
    5,000 Gallic Mercenaries (Mercenary)

    3rd Mercenary Regiment commanded by Feoderatus Tyrg
    3,000 Punic Spearmen (Mercenary)
    2,000 Gallic Axemen (Mercenary)
    1,000 Balearic Slingers (Mercenary)
    500 Numidan Skirmisher Cavalry (Mercenary)

    4th Iberian Navy commanded by Feoderatus Tyrg
    10 Mercenary Biremes (Mercenary)
    7 Medium Warships

    5th Iberian Cavalry commanded by Feoderatus Tyrg
    300 Light Iberian Cavalry
    500 Iberian Skirmisher Cavalry
    200 Iberian Light Cavalry

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    Offensive Bias

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    Re: Republic of Tyrg [completed]

    Post  Offensive Bias on Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:26 pm

    Done. Do not make any actions yet. You may now assign characters to their roles and make a diplomacy thread.

    Carlos Spicyweiner

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    Re: Republic of Tyrg [completed]

    Post  Carlos Spicyweiner on Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:10 pm

    Character roles have been assigned.

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    Re: Republic of Tyrg [completed]

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