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    The Pérgamo Federation [Completed]


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    The Pérgamo Federation [Completed]

    Post  Tylertlat on Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:21 pm

    Nation Name: The Pérgamo Federation

    Nation flag:

    Nation culture: Pergamon

    Nation government: A federation headed by a monarchy

    Nations Leader: Apollonis Attalid - Military 2, diplomacy 3, governership 10 (Governing 06 Pergamon)

    Stat points: 3 Trade, 2 Culture, 1 Military

    Regions:13 [dye], 01 [olive oil], 06 [livestock] Pergamon

    Characters: Antigonos Attalid - Military 1, diplomacy 8, governership 8, loyalty 100 (Governing `13)
    Damasos Attalid - Military 8, diplomacy 10, governership 9, loyalty 100 (Governing 01)
    Euneus Attalid - Military 4, diplomacy 10, governership 5, loyalty 100 (administering 3rd Pergamum Regiment)
    Nephos Attalid - Military 8, diplomacy 2, governership 7, loyalty 100 (administering 2nd Veteran Regiment, vice-governing Pergamon)
    Bannasos Attalid - Military 3, diplomacy 10, governership 4, loyalty 100 (administering 1st Pergamum Guard)
    Agents: Chersoneses (Assassin)
    Scoulatos (Spy)

    Nation bonuses:Open Market- Having to make-do with the overt methods enjoyed by their contemporaires, Pergamo leaders have become skeilled at convert ones (increases chances of recruiting/intercepting spies)
    Nicon's Legacy (The Legendary Father/Son Architect/Doctor Duo has left a major sanctuary of Asclepius (Essential a teaching hospital) in pergamon, granting a resitance to plague inversly proportonate to the any citiess distance from the Capital)

    Population Happiness: 60% - Your people are mostly unhappy due to the fact that they do not control Macedon... Taking control of Macedon will be seen as the first step in recreating Alexander's empire, one which the people will love you for.

    Army Morale: 40% - The army are upset at the attention that pours into trade and the citizens. They also feel disheartened at having to fight other Greek soldiers who they might have onced served with. Many of your troops are grizzled veterans from Alexander's campaigns.

    Overall Loyalty: 100% - The Attalid Dynasty is strong willed. They are spurred on by the successes of the other Diadochi states to carve their own name into history, with you at the helm!

    Unique Unit:

    Army: 1st Pergamum Guard
    3,000 Elite Macedonian Phalangites
    3,000 Elite Pegarmo Phalangites
    2,000 Veteran Phalangites

    2nd Veteran Regiment
    6,000 Veteran Phalangites
    2,000 Veteran Thracian Peltasts
    1,000 Veteran Archers

    3rd Pergamum Regiment
    2,000 Light Hoplites
    3,000 Levy Phalangites
    1,000 Cretan Archers (Mercenary)
    5,000 Medium Phalangites

    4th Pergamum Fleet
    9 Biremes
    7 Triremes
    4 Perikonoi

    5th Pergamum Cavalry Regiment
    300 Light Cavalry
    600 Thracian Skirmisher Cavalry
    100 Medium Cavalry

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    Re: The Pérgamo Federation [Completed]

    Post  Offensive Bias on Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:59 pm

    Your nation thread is completed. You may now assign your characters positions. Don't make any actions until clearly stated in announcements.

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