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    Brotherhood of Mercoxia (Completed)



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    Brotherhood of Mercoxia (Completed)

    Post  dragoon9105 on Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:40 pm

    Nation Name: Mercoxia

    Nation Culture: Trojan
    Government Type: Democracy

    Stat Points 1-Military 2-Culture 3-Economy

    History*fictional*: The democracy of Mercoxia formed from refugees of western wars in europe, most of them torjan, some greek and some barbarians from the north. Each culture of people was seperated into three areas, the trojans in the walled city of Mercoxia, the greeks in Fay and the Barbarians in Nothran all working for a common goal the united defense of prosperity of their new nation.

    5-Armenia:Nothran [slaves]
    7-Armenia:Fay [stone]
    8-Armenia:Mercoxia [fish]

    National Bonus:

    United we Stand: The brotherhood of mercoxia is strong and every man woman and child will gladly fight to defend their fledgeling nation together.
    Civilians will fight as militia if a home province falls under attack.
    1% Morale & Defense increase for every territory annexed into the Brotherhood

    Power of choice: The democracy in place allows equal choice and freedom for the peoples of Mercoxia, allowing for greater freedom.

    Small morale and defense bonus.

    Faction leader - Geverick Wolfbane - Military 7, Diplomacy 10, Governorship 4

    Characters - (Mercoxia) Hektor - Military 7, Diplomacy 4, Governorship 7, Loyalty 100
    (Mercoxia) Noxos - Military 1, Diplomacy 7, Governorship 6, Loyalty 100
    (Fay) Ptolemy - Military 9, Diplomacy 2, Governorship 7, Loyalty 100
    (Fay) Nikator - Military 7, Diplomacy 4, Governorship 9, Loyalty 100
    (Nothran)Lycurgos - Military 8, Diplomacy 4, Governorship 7, Loyalty 100

    Agents: Syricos (Spy)
    Lysander (Assassin)

    Army Morale: 30% - The army are unappreciated and envy the lives of the civilians who do not die in the defence of your glorious nation. There is already talk of mutiny.

    Overall Loyalty: 100% - Your most trusted followers deserve your trust. They would never dream of betraying you. Yet.

    Population Happiness: 70% - Your people are relatively happy with their life under your rule. There are no urgent problems here.

    unique unit: Mercoxian Defenders, Trained from three cultures the defenders utilize the best of trojan defense, barbarian weaponry and greek tactics. have Trojan Phalanx Ability, doubling thier health and armor while in formation on allied soil.

    Army: 1st Mercoxian Guards Regiment
    3,000 Mercoxian Defenders
    1,000 Heavy Hoplites
    2,000 Medium Archers

    2nd Mercoxian Infantry Regiment
    3,000 Medium Hoplites
    2,000 Mercoxian Defenders
    5,000 Light Swordsmen

    3rd Mercoxian Hoplite Regiment
    10,000 Medium Hoplites

    4th Mercoxian Cavalry Regiment
    400 Light Cavalry
    300 Medium Cavalry

    5th Mercoxian Navy
    4 Light Warships
    5 Medium Warships

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    Re: Brotherhood of Mercoxia (Completed)

    Post  Offensive Bias on Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:23 am

    Finished. You may now assign characters and conduct diplomacy.

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