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    Military research

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    Military research

    Post  Offensive Bias on Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:08 pm

    There are tiers for the military. For barbarian factions, it is like this

    1st tier: Forest
    2nd tier: Warband
    3rd tier: Light
    4th tier: Medium
    5th tier: Heavy
    6th tier: Veteran
    7th tier: Elite

    For civilised factions, it is like this

    1st tier: Levy
    2nd tier: Light
    3rd tier: Medium
    4th tier: Heavy
    5th tier: Veteran
    6th tier: Elite

    For boats, it is a little different.

    For barbarian factions

    1st tier: Longboats
    2nd tier: Light Warship
    3rd tier: Medium Warship
    4th tier: Heavy Warship
    5th tier: (Insert your faction name here) Warship (Note: to save research, elite warships for barbarian factions will just be named after your faction. For example: "Saxon Warship")

    Civilised factions

    1st tier: Perikonoi
    2nd tier: Bireme
    3rd tier: Trireme
    4th tier: Corvus (Rome only), Quinquireme (Carthage only), Heavy Trireme
    5th tier: Polyremes, Xanthos (Greek factions only)

    Transports are divided into three tiers which are as such.

    1st tier: Light Transport (Transports 300 men)
    2nd tier: Medium Transport (Transports 600 men)
    3rd tier: Heavy Transport (Transport 1,000 men)

    Now then, onto the topic of research regarding military. This excludes the Roman factions.

    Players need to take note of what their highest tier starting unit is. If your highest tier unit is say, a Medium unit, then you cannot recruit any units above Medium from the start. So, you must research Heavy Units before you can begin to make them. Any unit in your default starting army can be upgraded. So, if you start with Forest Spearmen, you can eventually get Elite Spearmen. The same applies to boats.
    Offensive Bias

    Posts : 386
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    Re: Military research

    Post  Offensive Bias on Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:46 pm

    I also forgot to mention, that if your unit doesn't have an assigned tier next to it, this troops fits into Medium tier. These troops cannot be upgraded, and are recruitable always as medium tier units.

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