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    Middle Eastern Coalition (Completed)


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    Middle Eastern Coalition (Completed)

    Post  GreyApothecary on Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:10 am

    Nation Name: Middle Eastern Coalition (MEC)

    Nation Flag:

    Nation Culture: Bedouin

    Nation Government: Tribal

    Nations Leader: Meh - Military 10, Diplomacy 10, Governorship 9

    Bio: Not much is known about this person other then the fact that he is roughly 30 years old and is Bedouin

    Stat Points: Military - 1, Economy - 3, Culture - 2

    Arabia 09:

    Arabia 10:

    Arabia 11:

    Characters: Jamal - Military 6, Diplomacy 9, Governorship 2, Loyalty 100
    Cyrus - Military 5, Diplomacy 10, Governorship 7, Loyalty 100
    Bomarkil - Military 8, Diplomacy 3, Governorship 4, Loyalty 100
    Jezahim - Military 9, Diplomacy 8, Governorship 1, Loyalty 100
    Ishma - Military 3, Diplomacy 6, Governorship 2, Loyalty 100

    Agents: Balom (Spy)
    Badush (Assassin)

    Nation Bonus: Harsh Frontiers: Used to living a life of hardship, your people are tougher in a fight, and can stand their ground as well, if not better than the most elite troops.
    Raider Culture: Being used to raiding trade caravans and villages of enemy tribes, your military are experienced cavalrymen. Striking fast and then retreating just as quickly as they arrived. Makes your cavalry more effective in battle.

    Population Happiness: 60% - Your people are happy enough to live and work under your rule. Only murmurs of those strict traditionalists can be heard speaking against your rule. There is no need to take major action yet.

    Army Moral: 30% - The army is ignored by its leaders and its King. They are left to their own devices, and many of them, after coming under independent command, do not want to return to your grasp. There is open talk of an uprising, or even a mass desertion.

    Overall loyalty: 100% - The fellow chiefs, having declared their support to you, seem genuinely happy that you are in rule. They are completely happy with your rule for the time being.

    Unique Unit: Cataphract Camels
    Armored Camel Riders.....

    Army: 1st Coalition Elite Regiment(09)(Jerzahim)
    2,000 Heavy Spearmen
    3,000 Heavy Archers
    250 Camel Raiders

    2nd Coalition Militia Regiment(09)(Jezahim)
    1,000 Levy Spearmen
    2,000 Levy Archers

    3rd Coalition Infantry Regiment(09)(Meh)
    3,000 Light Swordsmen
    1,000 Medium Archers
    2,500 Medium Spearmen

    4th Coalition Bedouin Regiment(09(Meh)
    1,000 Light Cavalry
    1,500 Cataphract Camels
    1,000 Horse Archers

    5th Coalition Navy
    5 Light Transports

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    Offensive Bias

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    Re: Middle Eastern Coalition (Completed)

    Post  Offensive Bias on Wed Dec 22, 2010 9:02 pm

    Finished. You may now assign characters and make your actions.

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    Re: Middle Eastern Coalition (Completed)

    Post  GreyApothecary on Wed Dec 22, 2010 9:55 pm

    meh will be in charge of 3rd Coalition Infantry Regiment and 4th Coalition Bedouin Regiment
    Jezahim will be in charge of 2nd Coalition Militia Regiment and 1st Coalition Elite Regiment
    Bomarkil will be in charge of all naval units
    Cyrus and Ishma will be in charge of diplomacy

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    Re: Middle Eastern Coalition (Completed)

    Post  GreyApothecary on Wed Dec 22, 2010 10:19 pm

    Barracks in region 09, Arabia - 4 days (27th December)
    Barracks in region 10, Arabia - 4 days (27th December)
    Schole in region 11, Arabia - 10 days (2nd January)

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    Re: Middle Eastern Coalition (Completed)

    Post  GreyApothecary on Fri Dec 24, 2010 5:18 am

    Research of Camel Raiders - 5 days (December 29th)

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    Re: Middle Eastern Coalition (Completed)

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