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    Athens vs Thebans (Region 14, Greece)

    Offensive Bias

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    Athens vs Thebans (Region 14, Greece)

    Post  Offensive Bias on Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:04 pm


    The entire Athenian force is commanded by Xidantos of Athens - Diplomacy 5, Military 10, Governorship 7, Loyalty 100
    Athenian forces
    1st Athenian Liberators
    4,920 Athenian Hoplites
    3,000 Cretan Archers
    1,100 Rhodian Slingers

    3rd Athenian Allied regiment
    2,950 Argosian Hoplites
    1,000 Theban Hoplites
    495 Spartan Hoplites

    4th Athenian Garrison
    4,650 Militia Hoplites
    2,800 Lymichos Hoplites
    1,000 Cretan Archers

    5th Athenian Elite
    9,300 Athenian Heavy Hoplites

    6th Athenian cavalry
    200 Pyddos Light Cavalry
    400 Hetaroi Heavy Cavalry
    700 Thessalian Cavalry

    Theban Forces
    1st Theban Sacred Band Regiment
    240 Sacred Band Hoplites
    900 Sacred Band Cavalry

    2nd Theban Militia Regiment
    2,880 Levy Hoplites
    400 Levy Archers
    850 Levy Swordsmen

    3rd Theban Hoplite Regiment
    4,600 Heavy Hoplites

    4th Theban Cavalry Regiment
    200 Heavy Cavalry
    90 Light Cavalry

    5th Theban Navy
    3 Medium Warships

    The Thebans were alerted to your assault, and have arrayed themselves in a phalanx. The 3,000 Levy Hoplites take the centre, the 3rd Theban Hoplite Regiment is stationed at the left flank. The 300 Sacred Band Hoplites take up position of honour on the right flank. They have their Light Cavalry working with the 900 Sacred Band Cavalry. They are protecting the vulnerable right flank. The 200 Heavy Cavalry protect the left flank. The 2,000 Levy Archers take up position behind the phalanx, waiting to shoot their arrows, and the 1,000 Levy Swordsmen are in the reserve, awaiting an opportunity to relieve a suffering regiment. The entire Theban army is arrayed in the West, you are attacking from the East. The Theban Navy, being of almost no use, sits at bay.

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    Offensive Bias

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    Re: Athens vs Thebans (Region 14, Greece)

    Post  Offensive Bias on Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:45 am

    Updated with a map.


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    Re: Athens vs Thebans (Region 14, Greece)

    Post  laxspartan007 on Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:37 am

    1st Athenian Liberators march tword the 3,000 Levy Hoplites, useing ranged wepons to sofen them untill the Levy Archers are within range, then the archers are fired apon while the Athenian Hoplites deal with the Leavy Hoplites.

    4th Athenian Garrison march after the Sacred Band, the archers fire on the Band until the Light Calvalry is in range then the calvalry is fired upon.

    5th Athenian Elite marches tword the 3rd Theban Hoplite Regiment.

    6th Athenian cavalry hold right behind the 4th Athenian Garrison, waiting to see if the 100 Light Cavalry take a chance at attacking the 4th Athenian Garrison.

    3rd Athenian Allied regiment hang to the very left and head tword the 1,000 Levy Swordsmen.

    (all Hoplites are in phlanxes, all ranged infantry will run when enemy get to close to them)
    Offensive Bias

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    Re: Athens vs Thebans (Region 14, Greece)

    Post  Offensive Bias on Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:40 am

    The 1st Athenian Liberators march towards the Theban phalanx. The Levy Hoplites shudder under the impact of your first slings and arrows. The phalanx formation manages to disrupt most of the arrows in their flight, and the armour and shields of the hoplites is sufficient to halt most of the slingshot, they do however take casualties. The Theban Levy Archers manage to fire first as you come within range. Their arrows are aimed at your slingers, who are lightly armoured and bunched together. They fall in swathes. However, your elite Cretan Archers fire a volley at the Levy Archers, and because you rolled a perfect 20, the Levy Archers are pounded hard by the arrows. Lacking morale, they disperse to take cover from the arrow storm, thereby breaking their will and combat effectiveness. Your Athenian Hoplites engage in battle with the Levy Hoplites, the push-and-shove match that is a phalanx battle raging in the centre. The phalanx battle appears to be going in your favour, as the Theban Levy Hoplites appear to be giving ground gradually under the weight and pressure of your Athenians.

    Once again, the arrows of your Cretans are mostly futile against the very heavily armoured phalanx formation of the Sacred Band. They take very light casualties. Your archers switch fire to the cavalry instead, however the Theban's spread their horsemen out, and the arrows, while achieving some kills, mostly hit the ground. Your Phalanx engages the Sacred Band. The battle is undecided, however it seems your men have the advantage, as the Theban Sacred Band appear to be shaken by your numbers.

    Your 10,000 Heavy Hoplites engage in battle with the 5,000 Heavy Hoplites of Thebes. Your Athenian Hoplites appear to be losing ground in the fight, although very slowly.

    The Theban cavalry do not attempt to attack your Phalanx.

    Your 3rd Athenian Allied Regiment go towards the Levy Swordsmen on the flank, engaging them in battle. It appears to be going in your favour, as the Levy Swordsmen lose ground and men to your spear onslaught. The presence of the Spartan Hoplites wavers the morale of the Theban Levy Swordsmen.

    The 200 Theban Heavy Cavalry appear hesitant on making a decision.

    The 1,000 Theban Hoplites in your Allied Regiment appear very hesitant in attacking, and have delayed their assault to spectate.

    Theban Casualties:
    120 Levy Hoplites
    1,600 Levy Archers
    60 Sacred Band Hoplites
    10 Light Cavalry
    400 Heavy Hoplites
    150 Levy Swordsmen

    Athenian Casualties:
    900 Rhodian Slingers
    80 Athenian Hoplites
    350 Milita Hoplites
    200 Lymichos Hoplites
    700 Heavy Hoplites
    50 Argosian Hoplites
    5 Spartan Hoplites


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    Re: Athens vs Thebans (Region 14, Greece)

    Post  laxspartan007 on Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:48 pm

    2/3 archers switch to fire arrows other 1/3 will keep shooting, the archers without fire arrows shoot at the softest targets they can

    all slingers are to dispers the best they can without leaveing the saftey of hoplites and fire on the softest targets they can

    Thebeans are to remember they are fighting to gain their homeland, and that their bretheren are the Athenians, Spartans, Rhodians, Lymichos, and Argosians that are looseing their lives on the battlefeid because they are hesitant to fight for honor

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    Re: Athens vs Thebans (Region 14, Greece)

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