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    Roth Gar vs Greek Colonists (Roma 05)

    Offensive Bias

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    Roth Gar vs Greek Colonists (Roma 05)

    Post  Offensive Bias on Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:00 am

    Your entire army is commanded by Publius Cornelius Scipio - Military 9, Diplomacy 3, Governorship 6, Loyalty 100
    Your forces
    1st Army
    5,000 Hastati
    5,000 Principe
    3,000 Triarii
    1,000 Samnite Archers
    1,250 Etruscan Hoplites
    1,000 Samnite Swordsmen
    1,000 Samnite Spearmen
    300 Equites

    Enemy Forces
    1st Greek Guard Regiment
    2,000 Medium Hoplites
    1,000 Skirmishers

    2nd Greek Elite Regiment
    4,000 Heavy Spearmen
    1,000 Heavy Archers

    3rd Greek Cavalry Regiment
    500 Light Cavalry

    4th Greek Navy
    10 Light Warships

    The enemy knew you were coming, and have had time to prepare. They have surrounded the fort with ditches to funnel your men into narrow funnels which are defended by their best troops. To the South near the Port are the Skirmishers and Archers. A group of Light Cavalry waits near the fort.

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    Re: Roth Gar vs Greek Colonists (Roma 05)

    Post  BBJynne on Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:50 am

    Group A will consist of:
    2,000 Hastati
    1,000 Principe
    1,000 Samnite Swordsmen
    300 Equites

    Group A advances towards the 1k Heavy Archers directly south of them. Hasati and Principe are in the center, Samnites on the left flank (inland), and Equites on the right flank (toward ocean)

    My Samnite Archers follow behind Group A.

    Group B is the rest of the Army
    It guards the eastern flank of Group A and DOES NOT try to go inside the area surrounded by ditches.

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