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    Roth Gar vs Rhaetian Gauls (Alps 07)

    Offensive Bias

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    Roth Gar vs Rhaetian Gauls (Alps 07)

    Post  Offensive Bias on Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:12 am

    The entire army is under the control of Manius Gavius Sabellius - Military 7, Diplomacy 2, Governorship 9, Loyalty 100
    Your forces
    3rd Army
    5,000 Hastati
    5,000 Principe
    3,000 Triarii
    1,000 Samnite Archers
    1,250 Etruscan Hoplites
    1,000 Samnite Swordsmen
    1,000 Samnite Spearmen
    100 Samnite Cavalry
    200 Etruscan Horsemen

    Enemy forces
    1st Gallic Phalanx Regiment
    5,000 Gallic Phalangites

    2nd Gallic Elite Regiment
    5,000 Rhaetian Axemen
    3,000 Heavy Swordsmen
    1,000 Heavy Archers

    3rd Gallic Militia
    4,000 Levy Spearmen
    5,000 Levy Swordsmen

    4th Gallic Cavalry
    300 Light Cavalry
    500 Skirmisher Cavalry

    5th Rhaetian Navy
    4 Light Warships (Mercenary)

    The entire enemy army is not aware that you have arrived. They are all inside the fort at Torino. Their mercenary boats are anchored in the large port of Genova.


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    Re: Roth Gar vs Rhaetian Gauls (Alps 07)

    Post  BBJynne on Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:39 am

    All the cavalry (100 Samnite Cavalry, 200 Etruscan Horsemen) goes to Genova.
    A. If crews are already in their ships and away from shore, the cavalry rejoins the main force.
    B. If crews are not in their ships, or the ships are at shore, cavalry moves in and either accepts their surrender or kills them.

    Main Army forms into a manipulator formation (facing Torino) with Samnite Archers in front of the Hastati.
    The other forces (Etruscan Hoplites, Samnite Swordsmen, Samnite Spearmen) form up on the left flank (closer to the ocean)

    These above forces (everything except cavalry) then advance toward Torino.

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