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    Kingdom of Saxony vs Parisii (Region 06, Germania)

    Offensive Bias

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    Kingdom of Saxony vs Parisii (Region 06, Germania)

    Post  Offensive Bias on Fri Dec 24, 2010 5:39 am

    The Saxon forces are split under the separate commands of:

    Johannes - Military 6, Diplomacy 9, Governorship 6, Loyalty 100
    Erwin - Military 7, Diplomacy 8, Governorship 5, Loyalty 100

    Your forces

    1st Warriors (Erwin)
    • 3,000 Warriors
    • 2,000 Veteran Warriors
    2nd Axemen (Erwin)
    • 3,000 Axemen
    • 2,000 Saxon Axemen
    3rd Spearmen (Erwin)
    • 1,000 Forest Spearmen
    • 1,000 Warband Spearmen
    1st Cavalry (Erwin)
    • 200 Germanic Cavalry
    • 300 Spear Cavalry
    2nd Warriors (Johannes)
    • 3,000 Warriors
    • 2,000 Veteran Warriors
    3rd Axemen (Johannes)
    • 2,000 Axemen
    • 1,000 Saxon Axemen
    2nd Spearmen (Johannes)
    • 3,000 Forest Spearmen
    • 2,000 Warband Spearmen
    2nd Cavalry (Johannes)
    • 100 Germanic Cavalry
    • 400 Spear Cavalry

    Enemy forces
    1st Parisii Elite Regiment
    6,000 Heavy Swordsmen (In Mainz)
    2,000 Heavy Archers (In Mainz)

    2nd Parisii Regiment
    4,000 Barbarian Spearmen (In Mainz)
    3,000 Barbarian Swordsmen (In Mainz)
    2,000 Medium Archers (In Mainz)

    3rd Infantry Regiment
    5,000 Heavy Spearmen (In Luxembourg)
    1,000 Light Swordsmen (In Luxembourg)
    4,000 Skirmishers (In Luxembourg)

    4th Cavalry Regiment
    300 Heavy Cavalry (Foraging)
    100 Light Cavalry (Foraging)

    Your forces have managed to achieve total surprise over the defenders! A foraging party of Skirmishers was entirely destroyed by Erwin's forces. The forts are none the wiser to your arrival. Cavalry are foraging to the South, while the rest of the Parisii are shut up in the forts. They aren't expecting attack.

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    Re: Kingdom of Saxony vs Parisii (Region 06, Germania)

    Post  Rotaretilbo on Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:15 pm

    Dress 2,000 Veteran Warriors from Johannes's forces in the garb of the dead skirmishers. 50 are to move west and approach the foraging cavalry under the guise of being the other foraging party. They are to call out that there is a small force of Saxons in the forests that ambushed them, and that they need aid against them. Meanwhile, the other 1,950 are to spar with a group of 3,000 Forest Spearmen also from Johannes's forces. The rest of the Saxons are to make themselves scarce in the surrounding area, waiting the arrival of the cavalry. When they arrive, Johannes's 2,000 Warband Spearmen are to move behind them to cut off escape. Once surrounded, the sparring can end and the Veteran Warriors and Forest Spearmen can turn on the enemy cavalry and offer them quarter.

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