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    Auxatia vs Greek Colonists (Roma 17)

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    Auxatia vs Greek Colonists (Roma 17)

    Post  Offensive Bias on Sat Mar 12, 2011 5:20 am


    Roman Forces:
    Tiberius [Military-8, Diplomacy- 7, Governship- 9, Loyalty- 100]

    2nd Latium Allies
    3,000 Etruscan Hoplites
    3,000 Samnite swordsmen
    3,000 Samnite archers
    1,000 Etruscan skirmishers

    4th Roma Allies
    4,000 Samnite spearmen
    2,000 Etruscan hoplites
    1,000 Samnite Archers

    6th Roman Cavalry Regiment
    300 Equites
    200 Etruscan horsemen
    500 Samnite cavalry

    Greek Forces:

    Greek Vanguard
    1,000 Medium Archers
    4,000 Heavy Swordsmen
    3,000 Levy Pikemen

    Greek Phalanx
    10,000 Medium Hoplites

    Greek Cavalry
    200 Light Cavalry

    Information: The Greek forces were alerted to your coming, but the Phalanx and the Cavalry are still a long way away from the Vanguard. The Vanguard are seeking to hold you up, while the main bulk of the Greek army catches up. Your best hope is to defeat the Vanguard as fast as possible! The city of Brindisium (Brindisi) is the Greek region capital. To win the battle, you must take the city.

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