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    Trebih na Piog vs Picts (Britannia 07)

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    Trebih na Piog vs Picts (Britannia 07)

    Post  Offensive Bias on Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:08 am


    Hibernian forces:
    1st Clan Guard, Devlin - Military 8, Diplomacy 2, Governorship 1
    3,000 Hiberni spearmen
    4,000 Hiberni swordsmen
    500 Celtic Chariots

    2nd Clan Raiders, Dahmus - Military 8, Diplomacy 9, Governorship 7, Loyalty 100
    2,000 Barbarian swordsmen
    5,000 Barbarian Spearmen
    2,000 Hiberni archers

    3rd Hiberni Boatmen, Dahmus - Military 8, Diplomacy 9, Governorship 7, Loyalty 100
    4 Large Warships
    6 Medium Warships

    Pict Forces: Under the command of Brenonite - Military 4, Diplomacy 2, Governorship 9

    1st Pictish Warrior Warband
    5,000 Medium Spearmen
    5,000 Medium Swordsmen

    2nd Pictish Druids
    200 Pictish Druids

    3rd Pictish Warband
    4,000 Forest Spearmen
    1,000 Forest Archers

    4th Pictish Cavalry
    200 Pictish Light Chariots
    400 Pictish Light Cavalry

    5th Pictish Warboats
    4 Large Warships

    Info: The Picts were aware of your arrival! They have had time to gather their warrior folk, and even assemble some Druids to inspire them during the battle. They are led by a Chieftain known as Brenonite. To win the battle, you must take the Pictish Hill Fort. The Hill Fort is empty of defenders, as all have rushed out to meet you in glorious battle.

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