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    Roth Gar vs Magna Graecia (Italia 20)

    Offensive Bias

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    Roth Gar vs Magna Graecia (Italia 20)

    Post  Offensive Bias on Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:22 am


    Roman forces: Under the command of General Canthus (Military 5, Diplomacy 5, Governorship 5, Loyalty 50)
    5,000 Hastati
    5,000 Principe
    3,000 Triarii
    1,000 Samnite Archers
    1,250 Etruscan hoplites
    1,000 Samnite Spearmen
    1,000 Etruscan skirmishers

    Magna Graecian forces: Under the command of Coliarchis - Military 5, Diplomacy 6, Governorship 2, Loyalty 62

    Magna Graecian Phalanx
    4,000 Medium Hoplites
    1,000 Heavy Hoplites
    5,000 Levy Hoplites

    Magna Graecian Cavalry
    300 Heavy Cavalry

    Magna Graecian Phalangites
    7,000 Heavy Phalangites

    Hipponium Garrison
    1,000 Levy Archers
    2,000 Levy Swordsmen

    Rhegium Garrison
    5,000 Heavy Hoplites

    Info: The Greeks were aware you were coming, but they weren't able to bring all their forces to meet you. Their cavalry and Phalangites are still a while off. The town of Hipponium is key to victory, as taking this may shake the loyalty of Coliarchis and convince him to surrender to the might of Rome.

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    Re: Roth Gar vs Magna Graecia (Italia 20)

    Post  BBJynne on Sat Mar 26, 2011 6:50 pm

    All 1,000 Samnite Archers and 1,000 Etruscan skirmishers (skirmishers in the center, archers to the sides, moving to enemy flanks) are to go and harass the Magna Graecian Phalanx. If this doesn't interfere with their movement, they are to most specifically target areas made from Levy Hoplites, since they have shitty training and will take more casualties.

    If the Magna Graecian Phalanx tries to attack the archers and skirmishers, they do what light soldiers do best to heavily armored, inflexible formations: Run away and shoot more from a distance.

    While this is going on, my 3,000 Triarii and 1,250 Etruscan hoplites form into a phalanx at the front of MY right flank (enemy left, west) of my army. Hastati and Principe form up in mandipular, checkered formation on the center and left flank of my army.

    Samnite Spearmen are even further left (East) They move east and south and east and south so that either they get around the Magna Graecian flank, or the Enemy Phalanx has to adjust itself to their movements.

    General Canthus and any personal cavalry guard he has (tell me in response if he has any, and how many there are) is to place himself at the point between my Triarii/Etruscan phalanx and my Hastati/Principe manipular formation.

    Meanwhile, while I form up quickly (not fucking slowly), the skirmishers and archers are harrassing, and the spearmen are moving...

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