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    Romani Hasta


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    Romani Hasta

    Post  Tiny Tim on Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:05 pm

    Nation Name: Romani Hasta

    Nation flag:

    Nation culture: Rome

    Nation government: Republic

    Nations Leader: Helios Maximus

    Stat points: Military, 4 Economy, 1 Culure, 2

    Regions: 12, 13, 19, Rome

    Characters: (This section is filled out by a Moderator)

    Agents: (Filled out by a Moderator)

    Nation bonuses:
    insuperabile robur- Fortis soldiers of this region are among the physically strongest in Rome. All melee troops do more damage.

    animos insuperabile- Fortis troops are even more highly disciplined than other romans, being punished for even the most minor slip-up. Fortis troops will not desert in battle.

    Population Happiness: (Filled out by a Moderator)

    Army Morale: (Filled out by a Moderator)

    Overall Loyalty: (Filled out by a Moderator)

    Army: (Filled out by a Moderator, leave blank.)

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